Komfovent Domekt R300V

Komfovent Domekt seeria rootorsoojusvahetiga ventagregaat R300V.
Puutetundlik pult C6.1 hinnaga 375 €

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  • Maximal air flow 311 m3/h
  • A+ energy class
  • Residential ventilation unit with rotary heat exchanger for northern climate countries
  • Smart C8 control system
  • 5-th duct connection for bathroom extraction
  • EPP technology – better insulation without thermal bridges
  • Fits into a 600 mm wide space
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Condensing rotary heat exchanger effectively recovers the heat in low temperatures, maintains an optimal indoor microclimate, regenerates humidity in winter
  • Sorption-enthalpy rotary heat exchanger with zeolite coating effectively saves heat and cold, controls the humidity in the room while maintaining the optimal comfort level
Domekt C6.1